Here are sample architectural sketches of a few sample home designs,
designed to take advantage of natural materials and the lifestyle which is Nehalem Point.


Click here for a bird's eye view

Click here for front & back view

Click here side view

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 home sketches

Architectural renderings of home built by James Frank, Design by Mike McCulloch, formerly of Waterleaf Architects and Interiors. Click on thumbnail below for a larger image.

lower level
Lower Level

upper loft
Upper Loft

all four views
All 4 Views

main level
Main Level

south elevation
South Elevation

west elevation
West Elevation

site plan
Site Plan

Rough Sketches - Several Ideas:

Scheme "A", Main Level ; Lot 17; Lower Level; Lower Level, Lot 17; Alternate-Main Level .
Scheme "B", Lower Level ; Main Level ; Upper Level; and West View.
Scheme "C", Lower Level; Main Level; Lot 6; Alternate Lot 6; Lot 6; South View.
Scheme 1 Scheme1; Scheme 2 Scheme2






Detailed Line Drawings / Blueprints:

Blueprint - Side View A; Side View B;Multi-angle View .
Blueprint - Scheme "C", Alternate-Main Level; Scheme "C", Alternate-Main Level 2; Scheme "C" Upper Level.

Blueprint - Roof Level Plan; Side View Plan 1;
Side View Plan 2; Side View Plan 3.