FishingFISHING, CRABBING, CLAMMING means you get to bring your catch home for dinner. Bay crabs need crab rings, a boat, smelly bait, patience and strong arms. But what a way to spend a day! Digging for clams in the tidal flats is messy, but a bucket of clams makes a great appetizer or fresh chowder! Judicious fishing is encouraged to help bring back our famous runs of cutthroat and salmon. Volunteers in the communities are finding new ways to conserve our fish runs, study our watersheds. You can help, also.

Catching a FishCATCHING A SEA-RUN CUTTHROAT WITH A FLY is a peak experience for any fisherman. Like winning the lottery. Nehalem Bay and River are famous for sports fishing. Each fisherman has his or her special, secret fishing holes and so will you. Fish from the bank, from the docks or from your boat. Or try ocean fishing over the bar of the Nehalem River. Charter trips for ocean fishing can be arranged through Garibaldi. Fishing guides, and more fishing information, can be had at any of the marinas in the Nehalem Bay area. You can rent boats and crab rings, for crabbing in the Nehalem Bay