Kayaking on the RiverKAYAKS, CANOES, BOATS are the easy way to get there. Five public docks make this the a fun and adventuresume method to get around the world of Nehalem Point.

Go up the river for breakfast, lunch or dinner in Nehalem or the River Inn at Mohler. Tie up at the docks in downtown Nehalem. Most any boat that floats will get you around the bay or up and down Nehalem river. For instance, dock in downtown Nehalem. You'll find everything's right there… antiques, groceries, art, restaurants, custom jewelry, books, gifts, art supplies, weather vanes, binoculars, flowers, casual clothes, movies, and Nehalem's very own phone company.

Kayaking on the BeachFind all ages paddling, rowing, putting or floating their way to fun. There are public docks in Wheeler, Nehalem, on the bay at Nehalem State Park. Classes are available for canoeing, kayaking, sailing. Call North County Recreation District for information at (503) 368-7008. And note: kayak classes for seniors.