Nehalem RiverNehalem on the River
is a friendly neighbor, just a hoot and a holler up the road from Nehalem Point. You can walk, kayak, bike, even roller blade, in just a jiffy. You'll want to nose around all the fascinating shops. Two superior galleries, one with a fine Indian collection, another with exquisite handmade jewelry. Espresso nooks on almost every corner, a soda fountain, too. Nehalem started out, as a lumber town with two mills and a hotel . The pace is more leisurely today, and the little city celebrates 100 years of history in 1999. This town has had its up and downs, quite literally. After enduring years of high tide flooding of the main street the city fathers and mother picked up a federal grant and matching funds to raise most of the shops on main street. High and dry with high spirits — that's Nehalem! It might be considered the antique capitol of Tillamook County. Nehalem is famous for its own festive events like the Craft Festival, more than twenty years of Art Fairs, and Duck Days featuring Sasquack the monster duck. There are two public docks for fishing, docking or feeding ducks. It's home, too, of Nehalem Telephone & Telegraph company — our very own phone company — with the best bells and whistles available. There is a great shop for weather vanes and binoculars; and a candy maker. Plus, there is great food. Try dinner on the deck of Nehalem Dock restaurant, and watch the world float by on the Nehalem River.